Friday, 5 November 2010

Various non-film

London From The Air (2001)

Great Railway Journeys of the World-India. Presented by Brian Thompson (BBC 1987)

Chippendales-Tahitian Adventure 'stranded'

Open top tram ride: Starr Gate to Fleetwood (2006)

1966-A year to remember.

Farewell funeral service of Dr. Afekunle Babatunde Araba (19/1/92)

The History of the Luftwaffe-A phoenix rising. (1989) *

Charley Live! The best public information films in the world. Volume 2 (1998)*

Home Front Memories. The Long Years (1995)*

Bullets & Babes (Bizarre magazine)

Britain at War. Homeguard (1998)*

Great German Battleships of World War Two (Classic Pictures Entertainment)

Dunkirk. Battle for France (1998 Pegasus)

Classic Buses. 40th anniversary of the Routemaster. (1995)

The Commando's Tale. Falklands '82 (1987)

The Bygone World of Mechanical Music.

Military Tattoos & Tournaments (1999)

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